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The Free ADS.TXT Editor & Marketplace

Ads.txt Market provides Ads.txt management tool and marketplace for direct publishers on both Desktop & Mobile app environments.


Maximize your ad revenue by making sure your ads.txt codes are up to date, connecting with top leading advertisers and avoid any mistakes on your ads.txt file that might result in revenue lose.






Free Ads.txt management and editor tool

Manage your ads.txt file easily, remove/add new entries in a simple way and avoid mistakes in your ads.txt file that might cause revenue loss.

IAB ads.txt compliancy verification

ensure your ads.txt file is configured properly, reduce typos, duplications and decrease ads.txt crawlers latency.

Ads.txt Monetization

Utilize our ads.txt marketplace to connect advertisers to your inventory and get paid on a monthly basis for every record line implemented on your ads.txt file.

Increase your CPM

Expose your inventory to leading buyers and increase your revenue and CPM on ad exchanges by using our Ads.txt marketplace.

Insights and analytics

Get insight and analytics regarding your domains, traffic origins, ads.txt trends, ranking and popularity.








Implement ads.txt codes on premium publishers

Easily choose the publishers you want to connect on our marketplace and we will make sure your ads.txt codes will be implemented there.

Increase your direct publisher reach

Think about experienced sales team who will be dedicated to recruiting your wish list of direct publishers.

What our partners say

Simple and useful

Ads.txt Market's tool is very simple and easy to use. our day to day Ads.txt record lines updating became easy and something that we can do across all of our O&O websites simultaneously.

Increased revenue

Our inbound Advertisers partnerships have grown thanks to Ads.txt Market, this helped us with creating a new revenue stream which is based on Ads.txt record lines monthly subscriptions - it is so brilliant.

Thank you!

The amazing Ads.txt Market team guided us step by step on how to be compliant with app-ads.txt initiative and provided us with insights on the best way to manage and keep our authorized digital sellers list up to date.


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