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ATM Terms:

By registering, you agree to the below terms, as well as the IAB-V3 General Terms and Conditions, which are an integral part of these term– 
Where there is a conflict between these terms and the IAB Standard Terms and Conditions, these terms shall take precedence.

Ad TXT MARKET INC shall remit payments to Publisher on a net 60 days’ basis from the end of the month. 
In an event of monthly payment being less than USD $50, it will be rolled over to the next month, till the minimum threshold of USD $100 is reached. 
Payments below USD $1,000 and above USD$50 will be made through Paypal. 
Payments above USD $1,000 will be made through a wire transfer. 
Each Party is solely and separately responsible for its own taxes, levies and duties. 
It’s hereby clarified that Ad TXT MARKET INC will take any necessary actions in order to collect the funds from its advertisers.  
For avoidance of any doubt if Ad TXT MARKET INC will not be able to collect any amount from its clients, Ad TXT MARKET INC then shall provide reasonable documentary evidence showing such non-payment from a relevant client(s) occurred due to Publisher’s misconduct.
Reporting for the purpose of billing and delivery are based on Ad TXT MARKET INC’s interface. 
Ad TXT MARKET INC will provide access to a reporting interface / daily reports to track numbers. 
If discrepancy is higher than 10%, both parties will cooperate in good faith to estimate the actual amount due. 
Both parties agree to share logs and system data in order to investigate such case.

Ad Placement:
Publisher will not place advertisements on pornographic, and/or alternatively questionable websites/sites/apps/wap sites. 
Ad TXT MARKET INC reserves the right to withhold payment for any activity deemed invalid, fraudulent, or nefarious by Ad TXT MARKET INC or Ad TXT MARKET INC’ partners. 
If Ad TXT MARKET INC has been issued a withholding or chargeback by its advertisers, verification of withholding will be provided to Publisher upon immediate notification from its Advertiser(s). 
If available, a report from a recognized third-party ad verification tool (Forensiq, IAS, Pixalate, White Ops, Protected Media or if another verification tool, approved by the MRC) will be provided to Publisher for inventory purchased by Ad TXT MARKET INC.

These terms and all aspects of the relationship between the parties hereto shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and governed by the internal laws of the State of New York without regard to its conflict of law’s provisions. 
Any claims or legal actions by one party against the other shall be brought exclusively to the competent courts of New York, New York, USA.

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