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How to get a Monetization tag in ATM's new Ad Manager

Hi everyone, If you are reading this, you've already heard about our new Ad Manager & Monetization feature. We are truly excited that you are interested in connecting with our ad partners. We've partnered with the best direct advertisers and SSPs to get you the very best monetization options.

Ok, so let's get started. Follow these simple steps to request a monetization tag: 1. Log into your ATM account here: https://console.adstxtmarket.com

2. Click Ad Manager on the left panel (see image below).

Click on Ad Manager

3. Click on "Create Monetization Tag" (see below image).

Click on Create Monetization Tag

4. Choose between App or Domain. If you have a mobile application choose App. If you have a website choose Domain (see below image).

Do you have a mobile app or a website?

5. Choose your associated App or Domain from the list and click Next (see below image).

Select an associated Domain or App

6. Give your tag a descriptive name, so you know what it is. Then, choose your desired ad type. Pick between Banner and Video, and check the "is interstitial" box if you'd like interstitial ads (What are interstitial ads?) and then click Next (see image below).

Configure your tag type

7. Pick your blocked creative attributes. Blocked creative attributes are the types of content and ad functionality you DON'T want your users to see. Often provocative or suggestive imagery is blocked, so users don't see inappropriate content for example (see image below). Then click Finish.

Block the attributes you don't want

8. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE DONE! Now, all you need to do is wait for us to approve your tag and provide it for you. Your tag will appear in the text box on the Ad Manager page (see image below).

You are done! Now just wait :)

We approve each tag request manually, so this may take a couple of business days. If you need an integration type that isn't tag-based, such as an openRTB endpoint or an SDK, for example, please contact us at support@adstxtmarket.com and we can provide that. If you have any questions about tags, our partners, ad types, or anything else, please email us at support@adstxtmarket.com. Happy earnings!

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