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How to link your apps to your app developer hosted website

Updated: May 21, 2019

In this blog we will show you how to link your apps to your app developer website.

below are the steps you should follow in case you have created a hosted website with us:

1. Go to ‘My Domains’ section, then Click on +’Add Domain/App’.

2. Choose ‘App’ from the options below.

3. Choose 'yes, hosted here'.

4. choose your existing hosted website

5. Copy the link of the website that we have created for you and paste it on your Itunes / google play account.

6. Add your app URL from App Store / Google Play and place it in the yelow box.

7. click 'add app'. in this stage we will verify that you are the app owner and will add the app to your account. now you can easily start managing your app-ads.txt file on our platform for free!


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