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How to create a hosted developer website on our ads.txt platform

Updated: May 21, 2019

In order to be compliant with the app-ads.txt initiative be exposed to the industry's giants demand partners (Google, TTD, Mediamath etc...) you will need to have a website that will be connected to your app developer account (on google play & iOS).

In case you don’t have your own developer website, we got you covered!

It is simple & free to create your own website with our free ads.txt tool.

Below are the steps:

1. Click on ‘Hosted Websites’ on the left side of your menu.

2. Click on ‘Create Hosted’ Website

3. Fill in the information below; please notice that this information is mandatory.

4. Once you will click on ‘Create’, you will see a message on the right side of your screen stating that we have created your new hosted developer website!

5. Clicking on the URL icon (marked in yellow), will redirect you to your free hosted developer website.

6. Take this URL, and update your app developer account (Google Play & iOS).

7. all you have to do now, is to link your hosted website to your apps in our platform.

Ads.txt Market provides Ads.txt management tool and marketplace for direct publishers on both Desktop & Mobile app environments, feel free to contact us. (


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