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How to setup your developer website on Android

Updated: May 21, 2019

In order to make your apps compliant with IAB app-ads.txt initiative, you will have to set your developer website on your Goolge play account.

It is crucial since your website is where you should store your app-ads.txt which will be crawled by DSPs crawlers to find your authorized digital sellers.

Below are the steps to update your app developer website on your developer account:

1. Sign in to your Google Play Console.

2. Click on settings

3. Click on Developer account

3. Click on Account details

4. Change website address

5. Save your changes.

In addition, in case you want to change the app developer website on the app level, you can do that as follow:

1. On the left side of your google play console choose your app.

2. Click on store presence section on the left side of your menu.

3. Click on store listing and update your app developer website.

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